OT: How do you use TH3?

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OT: How do you use TH3?

Postby mr-es335 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:53 pm


In an attempt to generate some further interest in TH3, I will ask the question: "How do you use TH3?"

My answer: I use TH3 solely for live performance.

My "live rig" consists of the following:

1. A custom-built case that houses a 4U-rack-mount computer using Windows 7 SP1 - tweaked for audio performance.
2. An RME HDSP 9652 audio card
3. A Behringer ADA-8200 8 channel Mic pre
4. A Motu Z-BOX for the electric guitar - as the Behringer does not provide a HI-Z input.
5. Software Audio Console (SAC) - a "mixer in the box" application from RML Studios - a truly wonderful piece of software.
• SAC is also the host for TH3. I create scenes within SAC that trigger Bank/Preset changes within TH3. This allows me to avoid the use of a pedal-board - even though I might consider one in the future, DV.
6. Software Audio Workshop (SAWStudio) - a DAW application, also from RML Studios - another truly wonderful piece of software.
• Even though I have not done recording as of yet, SAC and SAW "talk" to each other - which would allow me to record from SAC.
• Also, and more significantly - SAW allows me to use backing tracks in such a way that allows me to automatically trigger scene changes within SAC from what is called the "Control Track". I add a wave file, place cue points at those places within the wave file to trigger scene changes within SAC - and SAW handles all of it. The Control Track also allows me to trigger light changes for DMX usage.
• One last very interesting feature of SAW is "Show Control" - which allows me save the various sessions that make of a show and to run these sessions "back-to-back" - as a means to automatically move from session to session within a show. Very simply, once I hit "start" - the entire show can run without any user intervention at all.
7. The "live rig" sits on-stage with me, but I can control the live rig from FOH via remote control using a software application called SACRemote.

I perform with my daughter, who plays piano, Irish dances and sings. I play electric (blues and such), steel string (Irish/Celtic) and nylon (classical, solo material) and am also the MC for the show.

So, please share your usage and setups. I look forward to seeing what you have and how you use TH3!

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